We don't sell a trading course- we make sure you become profitable by following our framework👇🏽


SUITABLE FOR: FOREX, Stocks And Crypto Beginner Traders

Mission Statement 👉🏽 We help 10 students each month to become profitable.

Why It Works  👉🏽 Trading courses don't work! You can't expect to just watch trading videos and become profitable. Furthermore, traders can't make it in trading because they are thinking in LIMITING TERMS. They take 1:2 or 1:3 risk:reward as THE NORM. Once you break down those limiting CHAINS, you will realise you NEED A LOT HIGHER RETURNS, so that you can stay PROFITABLE. And then again, you need EVEN HIGHER RETURNS if you want to SURVIVE the long-term financial market deviations and uncertainties. This is what the DAY TRADING programme will TEACH YOU, so that your day trading dream will finally start PAYING OFF! 

Important  👉🏽 We teach this way, because this is the only framework that has worked for our past students. We use a HAND-HOLDING training approach, and that's why we can only take up to 10 STUDENTS per intake. In this way we can spend as much time as necessary to help at least 10 of you become profitable. 

"It is not the win ratio that matters. It is the ability to pull trades that return 30 times or 40 times the risk taken. Once you pull your first 40R trade, you will see how this day trading system is different from others." 

-Atanas Matov, Founder and Creator of the Day Trading Course

Everything You Will Receive:

 Lifetime Access To The Day Trading Program (£1,995 Value)

 One Trading Consultation With Atanas (£799 Value)

 Colibri Trade Pro Trade Manager (£250 Value)

 12 Months Free Access To My Trading Room (£600 Value)

 12 Month Trading Support (£1918 Value)

Get LIFETIME ACCESS To The Day Trading Programme 2022 And Amazing Bonuses!


Gary From The United Kingdom Just Finished His 9th Month of Consistent Trading Results and Was Up 7% Last Week...


 The Trading Videos Series: Showing you how to read price action on the lower timeframes (as low as 1 minute charts)

 The Day Trading Manual: How to find profitable trading setups NOT ONLY on DAX, but on Forex, Indices and Commodities markets, too

 Trading Example Manual: How to trade those trading setups exactly like I do

 Risk Management Manual: How to manage your risk properly and maximise returns (sometimes up to more than 1:30 risk:reward ratios have been achieved)

 T.R.A.P.S. Add On- How to spot where the BIG BUY & SELL orders are and take advantage of Market Turning Points

You Will Also Be Provided With:

Endorsed By Legends Of Industry


Being endorsed by The Trading Legends followed by over 700,000 traders means the world to me!

Watch The Personal Trading Story Of Ege- One of Our Students From From Turkey

We Have Literally Taken EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Day Trading...

Put it ALL together and made it available to you in the Most VALUE PACKED ROADMAP we could offer, from knowledge, to illustrations, to charts, to real trading examples... We have covered everything from A to Z, which means you will spend MORE TIME PRACTICING and WON'T WASTE ANOTHER SUNDAY afternoon SCANNING the internet for "just another day trading system". 



- You are looking for the peace of mind that a"money back guaranteed" option gives you

- You still want to achieve phenomenal results even if you've tried everything else and failed. 

- You are looking for Real Experience- Real Time Trades- No BS: you will receive instant access to the Live Trading Room, where you will see trades that achieved well over 1:30 risk:reward. All documented. All in REAL TIME.

- If you know that you need to achieve higher risk:reward trades, but don't know where to start from. 

- If you are looking for a day trading course that does what it teaches and proves that with consistent live day trading results.

- You are looking for hand-holding trading experience. 

- You are looking for an already tested roadmap and just want to learn & trade

- You are looking for someone with prop trading experience to give you a few secret tips & tricks that are not known to 99% of retail traders

- You know that win ratio is less important than a system that can help you find out trades that can return 10 times, 20 times the risk taken


- You are looking for a get rich quick strategy without putting in the hard work 

- You are looking for a day trading system without proven results

- You don't have the patience to stick to a boring strategy 
- Want to be proven right at all costs

- You have a BIG-EGO problem

- Are looking for a system that picks tops and bottoms

- Are looking for someone else to do your work 

- Sure-fire system that works 100% of the time, all of the time

Stop Delaying Your Success Like Chris From Germany Who Says That "Strategy + Hard Work = Success"

Malcolm is currently a last year engineering student. In his first four months of trading he managed to net over 43% in profits. 

Billy is currently a full time trader. In his first five months of trading he managed to net over 57% in profits. 

Aspiring Trader,

You have the opportunity to get access to secrets I have learned trading for the past two decades...

To help ensure you crush your 2022 goals...

Regardless if you are looking to be a full-time trader or trade while keeping your job...

Or if you are looking to grow and scale to the whale traders' league...

Then this Day Trading Course is for you.

I have put together everything you need to have the same success as the other students from this page.

Imagine What Your Life Would Look Like...

If every single month you had the opportunity to become better...

To improve your trading and HIT YOUR TARGETS...

And what if we could do this in days...not weeks and months?

This is exactly what I did and have continued to do for over 12 years in a ROW!

And is why I' am widely known as "Colibri Trader", because my trading career most closely 
resembles the persistence of this little bird.

But how?

The answer is using The Day Trading framework to help me reach my trading goals...

What I want more than influence, impact and help other traders is a connection to something much bigger than ourselves.

Which is why I' am so thrilled to share with you the exact steps I use to execute successful trades like clock work!

So you can start using the most unique day trading strategy, without wasting a second more!

Click the button below to see everything you will receive today with the Day Trading Course and TONS of Exclusive Bonuses!

In Your Service,

Atanas "Your Trading Buddy" Matov

Once you reach there, don't forget where you began your trading journey from, so PLEASE GIVE BACK!

You Know You Want To Become A Profitable Trader But You Still Have Some Questions...

Q: How much support will I receive during the trading course?

As much as you need! The programme is based on what has worked for other traders. This is a hand-holding programme and that's one of the major reasons why it is so successful.

Q: Is the course itself for beginner or advanced traders?

It is suited for beginner as well as for the advanced traders. I am not spending a lot of time explaining the basics, although I do cover some of them. I use a lot of trading examples and the course will suit someone who has previous knowledge and is looking for a day trading approach to trade the DAX, Forex, Commodities and Indices. In case you want a course that is targeting beginner to intermediate traders, you can check out my Price Action Method or my Supply and Demand Course.

Q: Do I need any experience at all?

All you need is the desire to learn! I will provide you with the rest step-by-step. If you are just starting your trading journey it might be a better idea to familiarise yourself with the very basic concepts of price action trading. Therefore, you might consider first taking my Price Action Method. This would be a great idea for the most ambitious of traders, but by no means is a requirement. 

Q: Are there any other costs- hidden or recurring?

NONE! There are absolutely no extra costs or recurring charges if you pay in gull £1849. Alternatively, if you chose to pay monthly, you will only be charged 3 monthly fees of £698 each. If you select this option, you are not eligible for the money back guarantee. 

Q: How much time I need?

Although I would like to have a direct answer to this question, I don’t. It is different from Student A to Student B. It also depends on how much time you are willing to put into studying the system and practicing on a Demo account. The good news is that I will be there next to you at all steps of the journey. And once you learn my strategy, it will almost become a second nature to you. Day trading usually requires more screen time than a buy and forget type of strategy, but it does not necessary mean that you need to be glued to the screens. In fact, some of our best students trade only 90 minutes a day.

Q: What makes your trading course different than other trading courses?

If I were to put two things down, that would be: 1) first my dedication to my students and 2) the personal experience you will receive first hand from a trader who has over a decade long experience and has traded for two of the leading prop trading houses in London. The reality is that this is not just a trading course, but a framework which includes a trading course and a lot more. We make sure you will receive the necessary support to be able to make it on your own after the completion of this programme.

Q: Can I use this day trading strategy on other instruments than DAX?

I have traded with this day trading strategy DAX, Dow, Nifty, Major FX pairs, Gold, Crude Oil, Crypto and a few of the popular commodities. If you want to test the strategy on other instruments, it is totally up to you. I have not tested it on other trading instruments so far, but the results would likely be similar.

Watch The Inspirational Story Of Jared Based In The United States

Here Is What You Will Receive:

14-Day Money Back Guaranteed

This program is not a lottery ticket... challenges only work if you put in the work... 

I believe this is without a doubt the best training you can get your hands on regarding day trading...

It's simple: Join the program and try it for yourself.

If the day trading programme doesn't help improve your trading results in 14 days, I want you to email me. Show me you did the work, and I'll give you all your money back. 

Important: the money back guarantee does not apply to the monthly payments plan.

 Lifetime Access To The Day Trading Program (£1,995 Value)

 One Trading Consultation With Atanas (£799 Value)

 Colibri Trade Pro Trade Manager ($£250 Value)

 1 Month Free Access To My Trading Room (£600 Value)

 12 Months Trading Support (£1918 Value)

Here Is The Personal Story Of Jenny, Who Was An Inch Away From Giving It All Up...Watch The Full Story Below

If You Are Still Unsure And Want To Reach Out On Twitter, Here is my TWITTER ACCOUNT:

With a Little Over 84,000 Traders I Hope That I Have Been An Inspiration To A Few Throughout The Years...
My Handle is @priceinaction


 Lifetime Access To The Day Trading Program (£1,995 Value)

 One Trading Consultation With Atanas (£799 Value)

 Colibri Trade Pro Trade Manager (£250 Value)

 1 Month Free Access To My Trading Room (£600 Value)

 12 Months Trading Support (£1918 Value)

"I feel sure and certain that this simple strategy will maximise your ROI and reduce your losses with his money management. " - Phillip K.

"Love it, love it, love it..." -Chandra W.

"It's not the method, it's the MENTOR." -Marco C.

"I can finally see all those efforts materialise into profitable trading." -Fanny C.

"This is my first year of consistently profitable trading and I almost realised my dream to be a full time trader." -Davinder S.

Here Are Just A Few Other Students From The Day Trading Programme 

Jenny from Malaysia

Johnson from Australia

Joseph From Portugal

I give you my 100% risk-free guarantee 

This program is not a lottery ticket... challenges only work if you put in the work... 

I believe this is without a doubt the best training you can get your hands on regarding day trading...

It's simple: Join the program and try it for yourself.

If the day trading programme doesn't help improve your life in 14 days, I want you to email me. Show me you did the work, and I'll give you all your money back

The 14-days money back guarantee does not apply for the monthly subscription.

Sounds good?

Thank you for investing your time reading that far and I am sure you will love the content of my Day Trading Programme.

One last time I wanted to remind you what you will be getting with your purchase 👇🏽

-Lifetime Access To The Day Trading Program (£1,995 Value)
-One Trading Consultation With Atanas (£799 Value)
-Colibri Trade Pro Trade Manager (£250 Value)
-1 Month Free Access To My Trading Room (£600 Value)
-12 Months Trading Support (£1918 Value)

That's it!

So, there is no risk in buying something that you won't instantly find value in. 

Go ahead and click the button below to get your course and FREE bonuses now.

And here is what one of our students has achieved only 2 months into the programme 😲 👉🏽 1:37 risk to reward👇🏽

The Day Trading Programme
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